At the end of the spring of 2001, a woman, Leonor Sedó (Editor, Multimedia Technician, Protocol and RR PP, Diploma in Personal Image, Pertaining to the International Network of Journalists and Communicators of Catalonia) she set out to develop a project in which Women will find in the network all kinds of information of interest and with the speed that this support offers them. She investigated what her needs, tastes and preferences were. The result was an exhaustive documentation work on the topics of interest of this group.

Three of the important points in which most of the interviewees agreed was that when they were surfing the web they looked for a place that they could gather: information, communication and opinion.

The sections that make up are:
Beauty, Barcelona Events, Culture, In Masculine, Company, Interviews, Essay, Family, Environment, Women Today, Policies and Women, Stories, Health, Sex, Trends, Travel – Restaurants – Hotels. ‘In Masculine’ is a section aimed especially at men.


Eva Navarro graduated in Technical Engineering in Labor Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

At present, her professional career is focused more on administrative health care.

Her passionate activity is the artistic-plastic creation of all kinds of projects. Paint clothes, objects, pictures, illustrations, etc.

she makes many illustrations on my website, because with few guidelines, she is able to capture the Soul of the protagonists in the story and the books.