—Hello! —He told me, while looking at me, as he always had.

—Hello! —I answered hurriedly, and with burning cheeks— How long?

—Yes. You are like in my memory. But where have you left your long black hair? —He said as he caressed him, and I embraced his longing by losing myself in the memory of him.

−Years ago I cut it, and over time it did the rest. Have you been successful in life? —I asked respectfully.

—Yes, my career progressed —he returned to look at me longingly— And you? Did you finally go to Africa, to cure the defenseless?

—Yes, I was there for a while, learning what isn’t written, and curing my temper —I said, lowering my gaze so as not to see his lament—. And you, did you fall in love again?

—Well, I was married for a time, to a beautiful woman, who gave me two sons. But, not feeling loved, she left me alone with my reverie —he said as he brushed my face with his fingers— And you, did you find love?

—There was some others men, who passed through my life, without leaving a mark or trace. And now, I do not regret it.

And without a word, he took my hand like he always had. We look into each other’s eyes, and let time pass.