Never, absolutely never, I had written more than half a sheet.

But one day, without knowing why, I started to write a novel, well, or something.

The time that lasted to me “fever of writing” it was as if the protagonist´s dictated to me galloping their adventures and misfortunes. And my hand didn´t reach the speed of the transcription. Evidently the writing didn´t have a perfect calligraphy.

But this time it was different, special. The protagonists transmitted me the emotions they felt, mixing with each other and creating a remix that I had never experienced.

I came to feel rage, kindness, joy and so on so. The characters of the novel perceived, as well as being magical, it was disconcerting, because “I was an imperturbable woman, who I didn´t allow me to Feel” and I came to discover an unexplored world, wonderful, surprising and hard, very hard.

Well, not to feel, to FEEL; I had to take an intensive course to have an understanding about my EXISTENCE, because, suddenly and unexpectedly, I came to experience unresolved emotions years of evolution.

And so “I became a Writer” well “understanding as a writer: the person who write.”

Here I am! I am writing a few things about me, and what others have told me.

And I will publish the chapters on periodically.





In this wonderful book, I speak of Study Techniques, immersed in a novel, given that dry techniques are arid, very arid. So I decided to wrap them with a touch of spark, to make them more bearable.

And here, a young medical student does everything, in order to pass without studying. But no, it doesn´t work well. Until an alien, Wip connects with him through the internet and teaches him to study with both cerebral hemispheres. And…




Tara is a beautiful Woman! Comes to the Earth from another galaxy. And meets us “the Earthlings”. With our pros and cons (to call it somehow) and she tries to adapt, understand us and survive in the asphalt jungle.




There will be more, many more

the thing is

It still has not been presented