Gallery is a website,

where I expose and share,

my paintings, photographs and

other creations.


When I start to create, I realize that I need to learn new techniques, to perfect what I’m seeing.

Therefore, I do not limit myself to: painting, photographing, writing, etc.

But, I need to learn new methods, new skills, new arts.

And, I want to share them with you.




The truth is, I never imagined being able to draw.

It was not even possible to paint in my head, because they were already in charge of telling me that, this was not my thing and, they were right!

But, here is one day, I was trying to further stimulate my brain capacity, especially my right brain.

I zip up with a book (Learning to draw with the right side of the brain ©), novel and great that, taught me to draw.

When I drew a medieval knight with horse included, I dedicated myself to proclaim to the four winds that: Yes! I was able to draw!

From then on, nothing surprised me anymore!

Our brain has “The ability to learn” Everything we set out to do!

You know, the patience is not one of my virtues, I like to paint getting fast results.

So, the Anilines, the Acrylic (Pouring), the Resin, etc. They are my allies.

And especially, play with color, this is my fort!




Once, they told me that,

photographing was painting

with a beam of light.

One day, they told me that,

the one who learns to photograph,

learns to see.

One day, I dared to look through

the lens, and then,

it happened!

I learned to observe, to capture the color,

to distinguish the shapes,

to feel the volume, and then,

it happened!

I began to see!