• Hello, my name is Marina, and I am delighted to share this meditation with you.
• It is said that on August 8, the Earth, the Sun, and Sirius, align opening a portal, and passing a flow of ENERGY of (Light + Love + Divine Wisdom + Abundance…) to the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth.
• Let us receive it in a meditative state. If we can, let us meditate during the month of August. And let’s thank you.


We prepare to receive this Energy:
• We breathe deeply:
• When I Breathe in, Archangel Raphael introduces the Green Light Ray – Emerald of Divine Medicine through our crown, expanding throughout our body, up to his toes.
• Thus, we purify ourselves. And also, our Vibration is increased.
• Archangel Uriel, creates the Wheel of Energy. He calls:  To the Angels and Archangels, and they stand around the Wheel.
• At the Center of the Wheel of Energy, we are:  Us with our Guardian Angel. The earth.  The Living Beings of the Earth (who want to come)


We receive the Energy:
• When inhaling deeply = We feel how a Ray of White Light from the Universe, enters through our Crown, and full of (Energy of Love, Light, Joy, Divine Wisdom, Abundance…) and reaches our heart = 4th Chakra
• We also feel how the Archangels and Angels inject their Ray of Light into our 4th chakra.
Therefore, these Rays intertwine, forming a braid of multicolored LIGHT, it expand through our Being, and when we exhale, we make them spread throughout the Earth.
• Now we are going to recreate ourselves, in feeling the Vibration of these Rays in our Being. (We take a few minutes, and repeat the expansion)
• Important vibratory changes of Light and Love will be created in our Being and on Earth.

We make our Requests:
• Every day I am more aware of being: Light, Love, Joy, Divine Wisdom, Abundance…
• When I have problems, I confide in my Guardian Angel, to help me find a satisfactory solution. Meanwhile, I continue to vibrate in Light and Love
• I radiate to infinity this ENERGY of Light and Love
• Now Make your individual Requests.


We THANK everyone present for their help.

Now, we breathe calmly, we move slowly, and we return to our daily activities.