Hello! My name is Marina, and I am delighted to share this meditation with you.


a punishment? a misfortunes? bad luck? why only touch some? Can you work to heal yourself? Can you learn something with the disease?

In this meditation: you will connect with your illness, you will be able to ask it: why has it come to you? does it have something to teach you? Can you help others with your experience?…

Technique to relax your body and mind: you will use your imagination and deep breathing. The Ray of Green-Emerald Light from Archangel Raphael will enter through your crown, will travel throughout your body, cleaning and energizing it, to better connect with the Angels and Archangels that will help you.

Archangel Uriel will create the Wheel of Energy. He will call: The Archangels and Angels, who will stand in a circle, forming the Wheel of energy. The Archangel Raphael and Mary will also be there, with the Green-Emerald Ray of Light, of Divine Medicine.

At the Center of the Wheel, you are:

  • You, with your Guardian Angel
  • Your disease


We start the Meditation:

  • The ray of Green-Emerald Light, Penetrates through your crown, surrounds your brain and cleanses the neurons of: all harmful thoughts, fears, worries, negative emotions…
  • Now lower the Ray of Light down your neck, purifying the vocal chords of all the words you have said, and that you have regretted, and of those that you have not pronounced, and you should have expressed them.
  • Keep going down the shoulders and arms, subtracting and unloading all that emotional charge, which does not belong to you, because it is not yours. He will take care of dispelling it.
  • Now in the thorax, the Ray of Light surrounds the heart. And in the lungs: you breathe deeply, and when you exhale = you will eliminate all the accumulated sorrows, which no longer have a reason to exist.
  • It goes down to the abdomen, surrounds the liver, and enters the liver cells, freeing them of all stored rage. Cleanses the intestine. and the kidneys purify them, from all the present and past fear, which blocks you. In the pelvis, it cleanses and energizes the uterus, the bladder…
  • The beam of light goes down the legs and feet, lightening, healing and energizing them.


  • Now you indulge for a while in feeling your body, crystalline, light, and energized.
  • Now, When you take a deep breath, you are filled with Light and Love, because all the Angels and Archangels at the same time, Inject you with Light and Love Energy.
  • The disease is right in front of you: imagine it as part of you. Look into her eyes, calmly and sincerely, without fear, knowing that she is with you for some reason
  • Take It by the hands, feel it without reproaches, without anger…
  • Now, feel yourself from the heart. Let LOVE energy flow from heart to heart, in silence, with respect.
  • Take the necessary time, without rushing, to connect with It, because whether you like it or not, It is part of you.
  • Now ask it what you need to know
  • Make peace with your illness, and give each other a heart-to-heart hug.
  • When you consider it: you see moving calmly, she opens her eyes…
  • We thank all the attendees for your generosity.
  • Repeat this meditation as many times as you need.
  • A hug from heart to heart.