Hello my Name Is Marina! And I am delighted to share this meditation with you.

First I am going to make a brief description of the Guardian Angel:

 The Sages say that our Guardian Angel becomes our companion on the way.

And what is his function?

  • He is our Soul Brother, he ALWAYS accompanies us.
  • He is our Bodyguard, he protects us from evil and from all those who want to harm us, from darkness, from false companions…
  • He HELP US to grow, to evolve, to carry out our path of life, as workers of the LIGHT that we are.
  • He teaches us, he advises us, he enlightens us, he helps us to reach wisdom.
  • Let’s get used to asking him, the doubts that arise, what we do not understand, what we ignore, what worries us.

Let us ask:

  • May he mitigate us: the fears, the uncertainties, the indecisions, the difficulties that arise, the conflicts that arise on a day-to-day basis…
  • To help us become aware of your presence
  • Let us go to Him to tell Him: our joys, successes, difficulties, fears. And also the everyday, and the simple of the day.
  • May each moment be an excuse to talk with Him, to exchange impressions, and to enrich ourselves with His high and pure vibration.
  • Let us ask him to take care of our problems and concerns, and thus, we can dedicate ourselves exclusively to being light workers.
  • Let’s ask him to teach us how to convey to our fellow human beings that they, too, have their Guardian Angel, who loves them, respects them, cares for them, and always protects them.


  • Love us unconditionally
  • Give us Hope, when everything feels confusing
  • Thank you for your loyalty, friendship and for interceding for us to the Father
  • Thank you for instilling illusion in us, in the simplest things
  • For offering us calm and peace, in unfavorable moments
  • For clearing our way of dangers
  • and for everything that we still cannot understand, and that with patience, he will reveal it to us.

The condition suggested by the Guardian Angel to collaborate with us is:

  • That we ask him, that we ask him, and ask him for help…
  • That we trust him, when we entrust him with any need.
  • And that we Thank him, for his assistance.

To perform the Meditation:

  • We will find a quiet place, we will position ourselves comfortably, and we will eliminate everything that can distract us.
  • We are going to feel the Vibration of our Angel, to be able to perceive him better, and make us more aware of his presence.
  • We will breathe deeply and feel like the emerald-green Ray of Light of the Divine medicine, of the Archangel Raphael; It will go through our entire body, it will cleanse and energize us. If there is any organ or part of the body, that you have injured, you can stop the recording, and recreate more in that area, feel it, love it and ask the Ar. Rafael that the Ray of Light of him, heal you.

We begin the Meditation:

  • The ray of Light, Penetrates through our crown, surrounds our brain and it cleanses the neurons of all negative thoughts, worries, concerns, etc.
  • Now lower the Ray of Light down the neck, purifying the vocal cords of all the words we have said, and that we have repented of. And of those that we have not pronounced, and we have to have expressed them.
  • Keep going down the shoulders and arms, subtracting and unloading all that emotional load, which does not belong to us, because it is not ours. He will take care of dispelling it.
  • Now in the thorax, the ray of light surrounds the heart, the lungs: we breathe deeply, and by breathing, we eliminate all the accumulated sorrows, which no longer have a reason to exist.
  • It goes down to the abdomen, surrounds the liver, and enters the liver cells, freeing them of all stored rage. It Clean the intestine. And in the kidneys it purify them, from all the present and past fear, which blocks us. In the pelvis, it cleanses and energizes the uterus, the bladder…
  • The beam of light goes down the legs and feet, lightening, healing and energizing them.

 Now we recreate ourselves for a while in feeling our body, crystalline, light, and energized.

 The Archangel Uriel will call several Archangels and Angels, who will form a wheel of energy. We and our Guardian Angel will stay in the center.

 Our Angel stands in front of us, and rests his hands gently on ours. We breathe easily, and we feel his presence, his energy. Let us recreate a few moments in perceiving him.

 Now in silence, we ask him, what we need to know.

 When we are ready, LET’S GIVE THANKS to our angel, and to all the Archangels and Angels, who have accompanied us: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

 When things go well for you, move slowly, and you return to your daily activity.

 A hug from HEART to HEART.