Hello, my name is Marina, I am delighted to share this meditation with you.

We are in  times of change. They say, the Earth is undergoing a new vibrational transformation. So, we have to adapt to this new life system, and tune in to our planet, so that we can enjoy a new Era.


We started MEDITATION:

  • I take a deep breath, and breathe out little by little
  • The Emerald-green Ray of Light from Archangel Raphael will permeate my whole being, cleaning it of all negative energy, and in turn, he will energize me, to be able to better connect with the Beings of Light.

Now, the Ray is introduced through my crown, illuminating the brain, the face, the neck, and each one of the cells is immersed in this LIGHT.

Keep going down the Ray through the Thorax, surrounding all its organs, and filling each of its cells.

Similarly, for the Abdomen,

Lower the Ray, through the legs, reaches the feet, infiltrating the entire locomotor system.

Now, we breathe deeply, and we perceive how our entire Being is filled with Light, and we feel very relaxed and energized.


  1. Archangel Uriel creates the Wheel of Energy. Call to:

The Archangels and Angels, and will be placed around the wheel


  1. In the Center of the Wheel, we are:

The Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth


  1. We breathe deeply and we filled with the Light from the Archangels and Angels (x3)
  2. NOW WE IMAGINE THAT the Earth is in front of us:
  • We look into each other’s eyes, in a calm and serene way
  • We take the Earth with our hands, and feel it.
  • Now, from our heart, when we breathe out, we project LOVE Energy, and direct it to the heart of the Earth: from Heart to Heart
  • We breathe in and breathe out Love = from Heart to Heart (x2)


  1. Now we make our requests:
  • Make your particular request:
  • Dear Earth, I thank you for: feeding us, taking care of us, giving us shelter, and much more …


  1. Now we are slowly moving the fingers of the hands, the feet, we open our eyes …


  1. Raphael, Mary and I, We thank all attendees for your generosity. Thank you (x3)