Hello my Name Is Marina! And I am delighted to share this meditation with you.

We are living difficult times. It seems that the darkness is gaining ground to the Light. But NO.

They say out there that we are in the preamble of the 3rd world war, with all that it entails.

We ordinary citizens are feeling a mixture of mixed emotions. Impotence, for not being able to help the invaded, and rage, for not being able to stop the invaders.

Well then, I invite you to become WARRIORS OF LIGHT. Our captain general is the Archangel Michael, his officers: the Angels of Light, and we the workers of the LIGHT.

Our mission is to fill ourselves with LIGHT and Expand it.

That is why it is important that the more we are, and the more times we meditate, the sooner the LIGHT will shine more.

To perform the Meditation:

  • We will find a quiet place, we will position ourselves comfortably, and we will eliminate everything that can distract us.
  • We will breathe deeply and feel like the emerald-green Ray of Light of the Divine medicine, of the Archangel Raphael; It will go through our entire body, it will cleanse and energize it. If there is any organ or part of the body that you have injured, you can stop the recording and recreate more in that area, feel it, love it and ask the Ar. Rafael that the Ray of Light from him, heal it.
  • Let’s do this meditation for 21 days.
  • Let us feel responsible and joyful, to contribute our grain of sand, in the evolution of the Earth and the Earthlings.

We begin the Meditation:

  • The ray of Light, Penetrates through our crown, surrounds our brain and cleanses the neurons of all negative thoughts, worries, concerns, etc.
  • Now lower the Ray of Light down the neck, purifying the vocal cords of all the words we have said, and that we have repented of. And of those that we have not pronounced, and we should have expressed them.
  • Keep going down the shoulders and arms, subtracting and unloading all that emotional overload, which it does not belong to us, because it is not ours. He will take care of dispelling it.
  • Now in the thorax, the ray of light surrounds the heart. He enters the lungs: we take a deep breath, and as we exhale, we eliminate all the accumulated sorrows, which no longer have a reason to exist.
  • he goes down to the abdomen, surrounds the liver, and enters the liver cells, freeing them of all stored rage. It cleanses the intestine. And the kidneys purify them, from all the present and past fear, which blocks us. In the pelvis, he cleanses and energizes the uterus, the bladder.
  • The beam of light goes down the legs and feet, lightening, healing and energizing them.

 Now we recreate ourselves for a while in feeling our body, crystalline, light, and energized.

 The Ar. Uriel will call several Archangels and Angels, who will form a wheel of energy. We will stand next to him, forming part of the wheel. In the center will be the Earth, showing us the opposing countries.

 We take a deep breath and Archangel Michael will fill us with Light, with his Blue Ray of Divine Light, and as we breathe out, we will draw a jet of Light from our 3rd chakra, towards the Earth. WE EXPIRE. And in unison, too, the Angels and Archangels will make their Rays of Light shine. Let’s repeat it 3 times.

 Let’s observe a moment, and feel part of the healing of the Earth and the Terrans.

 When we are ready, LET US THANK Michael and all the Archangels and Angels, who have accompanied us: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

 When things go well for you, move slowly, and return to your daily activity.

 A hug from HEART to HEART.