Hi! My name is Marina, I am delighted to share this Mindfulness with you.

Find a quiet place, a few minutes to yourself, and disconnect from the world.

We will relax the mind, through the body. We will use diaphragmatic breathing, and visualization of a ray of emerald-green light, that will travel throughout our body, loosening it, cleaning it of negative energy, and energizing it.

We start:

I take a deep breath and breathe out little by little.

  1. I imagine how a Green-Emerald Ray of Light (R.L. G-E) enters my crown, penetrates my brain, enveloping and impregnating our neurons; and thus, cleanses them of repetitive, useless thoughts, worries. Heals the brain of negative emotions such as: jealousy, anger, sadness, and everything that causes me discomfort and unease.
  2. Follow the R.L. G-E on the face: relaxing the muscles of the forehead, the eyes, the lips, the masseters, and my face acquires an affable, and calm aspect.
  3. Lower the R.L. G-E down the neck, leaving it free, smooth. The vocal cords are lax, healthy. And without the need to: speak to convince anyone, without the need to justify oneself, or fight, or get upset with anything or anyone.
  4. Continue lowering the R.L. V-E over the shoulders, relaxing the muscles, and emptying it of all the worries of mine, and of the world, that I have thrown on my back.

The arms are flabby, free of all pressure, the hands fall on my lap effortlessly.

  1. The R. L. G-E. goes down to the thorax, wraps the lungs (we breathe in deeply, and when we breathe out, we eliminate our sorrows.
  2. R. L. G-E is established in the abdomen:

– It envelops the Liver, it enters each of its cells, cleaning them of the accumulated rage.

– It infiltrates the Kidneys, purifying them, and eliminating accumulated fears.

– Surrounds the rest of the organs, cleaning and energizing them.

  1. R. L G-E goes down the hips, legs and feet, softening the muscles, and fine-tuning the bones, tendons, ligaments.

 NOW that we are clean and energized, we breathe deeply and feel how our entire body feels clear, lax, relieved, calm.

  1. And I imagine how the R. L G-E expands, surrounds me, creating a bubble, and I feel calm, peaceful, safe, carefree, at peace with myselve and the world.
  2. I stay here, as long as I need, to disconnect from everything and everyone.
  3. And I imagine how I want my day, today to be, carrying out the same tasks as always, one after another, but with “a change of chip”, “without haste, but without pause”.
  4. And if throughout the day, I feel STRESSED, I go a few minutes to a quiet place, and I get into my bubble of R. L. G-E. I breathe deeply several times, and I will once again feel the serenity, the stillness, the relief, the pause.

 Now, when you are doing well, you move your toes, your hands, you open your eyes, and you enter your world, with a different attitude, free from agony, and without haste.