Knowing Pere


Hi! My name is Pere! I am a 7 years old boy. I live in Collbató, it is a very nice village that is next to of the mountain of Montserrat, in the province of Barcelona.

I live in a large and beautiful house, with two gardens.

The one at the entrance is where Cronos my dog stays, when I go to school. And the garden behind the house is where the pool is.

We also have a small orchard that my nanny takes care of.

My room is the prettiest, it’s upstairs in the attic. My bed has the shape of a rocket. Because I really like the movies of Space and my mom gave it to me last year for my birthday.


     My parents are divorced.

Dad lives in New York, he’s a senior executive at a big company. He says he works there because he has more possibilities for the future, although I do not know what that means exactly. I only see him twice a year. At Christmas he comes two days and he brings me many presents. In July I go to the United States with his other family. I have a little sister of one-year old, well, she is half-sister because she is my father’s daughter and Elizabeth who is her new wife.

My mom is already older, she is about 40 years old. She tells me that she is a very important executive of a large company in Barcelona, so she works lets of hours and she cannot take care of me. That’s why we have Maria, who is my baby sister.




   My babysitter 


   Mary is beautiful, plump, not as tall as my mom and a bit older than her. She’s been with us forever, or at least since I remember. She speaks good Spanish, although with a strange accent. Take care of the house and me. I have a great time with her!

Maria wakes me up every day early and although I grumble because I do not want to get up. She is patience and I’m getting up little by little, even someday she sings some song from her country while I dress in a clean and fresh uniform ironed

We have breakfast in the kitchen sitting at the table. She always tells me that breakfast is very important, so whether I feel like it or not, I have to eat cereals, fruit and milk. And so that I do not get entangled while having lunch, she keeps telling me from time to time, he knows we’re going to be late! She takes me to school with her blue car, well, it was the old of mom who changed it to a new one a few months ago.

In the afternoon she picks me up from school, except for two days I go with Pili and her mother, because she studies I do not know what at the university and she does not arrive in time to pick me.

When we get home, it’s nice to enter! Everything is clean and tidy, as she says with her Mexican accent “everything in its place”. While she prepares the snack (today she plays cocoa butter sandwich, delicious!) I upload my backpack to my room.

Then we do homework together, apparently in her hometown she was a school teacher. In addition, she knows everything! Even the most difficult questions.

Then we play, each day a different entertainment is invented, yesterday she taught me how to make a braid with her long, shiny black hair.

While she prepares dinner I watch TV. Although sometimes I try to cook with her, but I think she does not like to touch her pots a lot, because she says that I mess up more than I do.

We always eat everything and healthy, but sometimes she does some rolls that are typical of her country and although I do not like them too much, I like them not to upset her. Then I have a shower alone and before getting into the clean bed, we review the day, we give thanks for all the Gifts received and she reads me a story and she wishes me good night.


My dear dog, Cronos


    As I am an only child, so that I was not alone, my father gave me Cronos when I was 5 years old, he was 6 months old, but he was taller than me. My baby sister says that to be a German Shepherd is higher than those of its species.

 Cronos always wants to play and in the home garden we both run after the ball, we roll around on the grass and I climb on his back like a pony. Maria says that it has a good character and it has a lot of patience with me, because he can tolerate all the crap that I do to him. His hair is black and brown, he has a bent ear that gives a nice touch, but when he hears a noise that we have not noticed yet, he jumps up, puts both ears stiff and his black eyes attentive and awake.


When we go out for a walk with Cronos, Maria does not let me take him on a leash, because she says that although he is very tame, when he sees a cat he “loses one´s head” and one occasion he has gone after the cat and we have had to go look for Cronos at the other end of the urbanization.

When we give Cronos the food, he starts to gobble it up as if he had not had eaten in life and my dad taught me to maintain discipline with him. So before he eats, I put the dish on the floor and say “sit ” He sits down and I do not give him the command “to eat” until he calms down a bit. Well, my dad says, that’s how it’s customary to obey me and to know that “the alpha male” is me (although the truth is, I do not really know what that “alpha male” means) but it sounds good.



      The nap


     Today is August 2020. It is very hot day and if it were not for the pool, Cronos and I would get bored and we would burn.

My mother insists that I take a nap, and as much as I explain it to her, she does not understand that I am not sleepy. So, Cronos and I went up to my room, stretched out on my bed-rocket and we went on a journey across the Universe.

We have already made several incursions into Space, some have been just observed, others have visited some planet, although I have to say that none is as beautiful as Earth.

          Knowing Angel


         Today we have started our trip to Cosmos at 3:07 p.m. And after going around a lot and getting lost, we landed on a “Rare Planet”. We got off the ship and headed for a kind of beach with white sand and blue-green water. We saw a Being, who came towards us with deliberate but determined gaits. I thought he would pass us by, but no, then Cronos began to sniff at him and move his tail as if he were familiar. When he got to where I was, he stopped, I looked him up and down, and Strangeness and admiration, I exclaimed

—If, you are shiny!

The truth is that I would not know how to describe him, because I had not seen anyone like him. He was tall, He seemed as if his body was blurring emitting a white light, or rather, pearly and when he moved, he gave off iridescent reflections.

—You speak my language? —I asked.

—Yes —He said in a clear and soft voice.

—You understand my language! —I was pleasantly surprised.

—Hello, my name is Pere! I live in Collbató (and here I added: Barcelona, the Earth) and I go to school Miguel de Cervantes —I introduced myself as my mother I had always been taught and I gave him my hand.

—My name is Angel and I already know.

—How do you know, if I just met you? —I asked surprised.

—Well, in a way I’ve always been with you.

—Always? —I asked frowning.

—Well, I’ve never seen you.

—Yes, always and if you want from now we can be friends officially.

—Ah! —I stared at it and I remembered what my baby sister said to me “slowly, go slowly, do not make hasty decisions”

—Yes, go slowly, listen to Maria.

—How do you know what I’m thinking? —Well I had been stunned to see that I was reading the thought.

—Give me your hands —Angel said calmly.

Without a word he took me by the hand and I understood that he was a special friend who, if I decided to be his friend, I would learn many things that neither my teacher nor my nanny could teach me.

—Ah! —I said as if I understood.

I stared at him and saw the kindness through his blue eyes, I felt the joy without being able to explain how and I perceived a warmth and calmness that I had never experienced.

—Well, what do you decide?

—Yes, I want to be your friend!


    The snack


     To this, I heard Maria’s voice

—Pere, it’s five!

Cronos jumped out of bed, knowing he was touching the snack and that some grains of feed would fall.

—One day your mother will catch you with Cronos in bed and she will punish you! You know she does not like he to go up —Maria said, pointing to me with her finger

—Pere! That is going to melt the ice cream —yelled mom from below.