Describing Pere


—Oh my Pere! —said Mary.

I took care of him when he was 6 months old, his parents had just divorced.

Her mother was promoted at work, so she practically spent the day away from home. That is how I was entrusted with the delicate mission of “Bring up him”.

The truth is that he is an adorable child, although there is some day that another, that without knowing why, he gets up with his left foot, irritable and puts a dent in everything. But luckily, those days can be counted on the fingers of the hand.

If it for him, the house would be upside down, given that order is not one of his virtues precisely, but little by little and with patience I am instilling in him that everything has its place and, lately, he is making it his own.

He is nervous and very active, not for quiet, he is like a noodle although he eats gobble food down.

Luckily we have Cronos, our beautiful German shepherd, who is as restless as he is, so when I see them altered, I release them both to the garden and they do not stop running after the ball until they fall down. Pere ends up with the lowest trousers of the hip, the twisted shirt, the tousled hair and evidently from here he goes to the shower, because it does not smell exactly like roses.




Mary watches Pere


Sometimes “you have to put the batteries” as it is enthralled with any fly that passes.

If I ask him what he’s thinking, most of the time he’s inventing something, which he tries to explain to me and, or I’m very stupid, or he’s a genius, because most of the time his inventions sound like science fiction.

He has an overflowing imagination! He spends time playing with Angel (his imaginary friend). It is fun to observe the weaves that he brings with him. Sometimes he makes me a participant in “his world”, telling me about the trips they make throughout Space as he says, in his rocket-bed.

Look at him, he’s in the living room with Cronos and Angel, he’s talking alone. And it gives me that he has asked something because he has his eyes wide awake and his head bowed. I’ll go closer to see what he says.


Pere hablando con Angel.


Dialogue between Pere and Ángel


—And you say that all children have one? —Pere said, questioningly.

—Yes. Not only the children, but also the adults and some animals —Angel replied with parsimony.

—But, people do not know you, they do not talk about you. Well, neither Mary, nor my mom, nor my friend Pili, tell me about her Brilliant Friend.

—That is, because you are living in a very accelerated time and, do not realize what you have around you, or who is at your side.

Pere started walking around the room, with his hands behind his back, and Mary loved to watch him.

—But if people go so fast that they do not see you, nor hear you, why are you still at their side? —Pere reasoned, without answering the answer.

—It’s our job, “as you say around here.” —Angel smiled at his reasoning—. It is true, that humans are very run over here and there, and it escapes you, what really matters —Angel knew that, what he had just said, would cause Pere a lot of doubts and he was sure that it would not stop until Get a convincing answer.

—I do not understand what do you mean? —Pere asked, his eyes wide open, since what Angel was saying sounded like Chinese to him.

—Quiet, you will understand. Do not want to know everything at once.


—Tell me? —Angel said, he knew he would insist, until he got an answer he could understand.

—What is your job?

—My work, how the one of my companions, it is to help you and, facilitate your existence.

—How? —Pere asked without understanding.

—Yes, life on Earth is not easy.


—Sometimes, because you complicáis. Others, because they happen to you very hard things that cause you an inenarrable emotional pain. Others, because you insist on hurting each other. Other…

—That’s what adults do? —Asked Pere, surprised.


—And you, the Brilliant Friends, how do you help us?

—We are always by your side. Consoling you, when there is no apparent calm. Teaching you an alternative path, in which both parties benefit. Advising you…

—But how is it possible that you do these things, if we do not find out? —Pere without continued in his line.

Angel stared at him and, he knew that, Pere could not assimilate so many things at once. So, he decided to continue the lesson for another time.

—Let’s go to the garden, which Cronos is getting impatient —he said, knowing that the boy was thinking about the mysteries he kept awake.

Pere went out with them, but his little head was tangled, with the conversation he did not quite understand.


Mary followed them with her eyes and, continued with her soliloquy.

But as he likes to learn this boy and, he is lucky to be surprised with everything.

Sometimes he says that he has a brain full of questions and, he does not stop until I solve all his questions in a favorable way.

It is curious to observe him, when he is brooding, because, he hugs his hands behind his back and, he walks around the room. Then, he comes and with his big black eyes, he shoots me the doubt.

When the answer does not convince him, he weinkles his lips, returns to give another, he turns around the room and, he asks me a new question, that is, another question from the previous one and, he not stop until he has understood everything.

It has the “Beauty of Being Transparent”.

Never, he goes with folds or squeamish, he loose things as he comes. without noticing how you can take the other. That’s why I repeat many times “slowly, go slowly”, you do not make hasty decisions and, think that according to what people say, no matter how real they may be. The other person can take it badly.

And yes, this was one of the cross-questions that he did to me insistently.

How is it possible for someone to be offended when you tell the truth?

At the end and, after a lot of talk, he was half convinced when I explained that adults are complicated and, that sometimes you have to take a detour to reach the same end.

Ah! He said, as if he had understood!

But knowing him as I know him, one of these days, he returns me with a cross-cross-question, of the cross-question of the initial question.