Experts say that the Right Brain Hemisphere is the one that connects with the center of emotions.

 And when an emotion invades us, it is “THE CHAOS” that seizes our Being. So sometimes, we are unable to make use of “Equanimity” that it is confined in some part of the dictionary.

Well, when “I began to feel” that it was such a bewilderment and the little objectivity that flooded me, I needed to put order.

And here, I remembered that in some psychology lesson, the professor talked to us that the Left Cerebral Hemisphere was the objective, the orderly and that if we were able to express what we felt with the written word, we could put order to the emotional chaos and It would help us to better understand our feelings.

According to this, I attest that this is true or at least it has worked for me.

Well, when I felt trapped in the “disorder of feeling” and could not understand, I captured what I could on the paper and little by little it was taking shape.

That’s how I managed to understand a little, the complicated emotional world.

Since then, Prose-Poetics has been part of my life.

And periodically I will recite some of them.