You already know that I am a doctor and I have worked in a UVI ambulance.

In my opinion, the life experience that I have acquired “on the street” has not been provided to me (with all respect) by any university in the world.

I speak to you with knowledge of cause, when I tell you that it is not the same to visit the patient in the medical office or in the hospital, which is ultimately our territory, That´s to visit on the street or at the patient´s home.

I have always wanted to write about extra-hospital medicine and I do not mean to publish in the medical literature. But to tell the truth in which we meet emergency professionals. This means that each day of work becomes a chapter of a novel or perhaps a whole literary work.

And all this, you have seen it with your own eyes or you do not really get used to the idea of ​​what you can find in your own city or maybe next to your house.

And even though this novel has something or very much fantasy.

I assure you, that I will try to describe as real as I can, the places where we were going, the atmosphere that we find ourselves, the area where the sick are staying, the picturesque family painting and a thousand other things that now leave it in the pipeline.

Of course, with all my respect, I will preserve the real name of the patients and I will change the place of the facts.

I hope to be eloquent and entertaining, so that you can feel and feel what I have experienced “on the street”.