About Edu

It was cold, it was dark, the dampness clogged my bones and there was a dense fog that barely allowed me to see beyond a span. I didn´t see anyone else, I was alone and I was scared! My breathing quickened and my heart beat hard, all my senses were on high alert. I didn´t know where I was or why I was there. Where could I go? And what could I find? I began to walk slowly, step by step and there in the background I glimpsed a dim light, gradually I approached and the blurred image became clear. Then I saw them! My heart beat faster and faster, I tried to flee but I couldn´t. I felt my feet stuck to the ground as if they had roots that reached the center of the earth and I couldn´t move! They were there, they were coming towards me, they were fast approaching, with open jaws, ready to tear me alive and…


It was the exams!

So… I woke up!

I was sweaty, with tachycardia, I could not discern what had happened. For a few seconds I felt stunned, I looked around and made myself aware that I was at home, in my room, with my computer, my books, my stereo.

I put my feet on the ground to feel the reality and gradually I calmed down. Then “I connected with my conscience” this had to happen, I couldn´t continue like this.

I went to the sink, washed my face, leaned on the sink, looked in the mirror and for a moment “I saw myself” It was as if for a few seconds, I spent my whole life before my eyes.

Yes, I “the great Edu”, as someone called me, the one who always has the desire to party, the fun, the intelligent, the nice, the hustler, the one who has answers for everything, the one who drives the Girls (except Cristina, who really matters to me and I have to admit that she doesn´t even care about me).

And the one who again and again, defrauded my parents. They expect much more from me. They say that I am a bum that, if I worked more, I would have a bright future. Bah, my olds! What has it been for them to work so hard, if they have not been able to enjoy life, or live it to the fullest as I do?

I felt bad and went to the terrace to feel the fresh air, the sky was clear and the stars shone brightly. I looked at the clock, it was 2 in the morning and I went back to the room.

—It can’t be! How can I think of this? I’m crazy! —I was thoughtful— And what do I lose by trying it?

And as if I were an automaton, I connected the computer, got into the network, surfed and surfed by Internet, looking for something, someone or I don´t know.

And suddenly, on the other side, someone answered!

—§Æ¶Ψ∂ÿ  ℜζΞℑ℘η

—Hello! —Edu wrote shyly.

—ØÏξ∇  ⊗¥Œ

—I don´t understand anything! can you translate, please?

—Hello! I am calling Wip. I live planet Trak.


—I can help you to study.

—Yes!  —Edu jumped from the chair.

—Affirmative, yes.

—Hey, hey! And eh! So in a “Pis-Pas”?

—You have to follow methodology.

—Ah! And hey! Will that take me a long time?

—Step by step.

I’m awake? Uaaaaa! If I pinched myself hard —Edu couldn´t believe what was happening to him.

We start now.

It’s 2 AM, I’ve had a terrible night, I’ve lived the worst experience of my life and I have done

Stop! too much characters.


—We start now.

—Sir, yes sir! —he stood firmly stamping his heels in the military salute.

—Behavior as an adult! I don´t lose time.

—Sorry Wip, it’s —he was cut off.   




—I’m a medical student, I know something, I guess they’ll teach me later in anatomy class or maybe in

—Stop! too many characters!

—How heavy! —mute Edu.

—Earthlings don´t have book instructions brain.

—And the Trakarians, yes?

—Our, most advanced civilization.


—Your brain = nut, 2 hemispheres. Functions different, complementary.

—I know! If you’re just going to teach me that, you don´t need to

—All brains formed by neurons = 100.000 million +/-.

Communication between neurons = synapses (1.000 billion +/-).

Neurotransmitters: acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, etc.

Communication between neurons it´s = electrical and biochemical impulses.

 —You don´t tell me anything new —he interrupted— A moment! —hee was thoughtful— Do you mean that all human brains are the same?

 —More – less.

 —Yes, now! So why are Einstein, the Curie and my companions Alfonso and Elisa, smarter than me?


—You mean, the more synapses that´s, the more communications between neurons, the more intelligent is the person?

—More – less

—Listen to Wip, that´s, how can I increase the number of synapses between my neurons?

—You´ll learn.