—What do I know? —Edu did not know what he meant— What are you drivin at?.

—Test and you will know.

—We started well, I hate the tests!

—Score 1 – 5 for each word.

—That is, according to how I identify with each word I give a number (1 = is the minimum. And 5 = is the maximum) It isn´t?




  • 1 – Meticulous
  • 2 – Idealist
  • 3 – Organized
  • 4 – Artist
  • 5 – Logical
  • 6 – Dreamer
  • 7 – Talkative
  • 8 – Imaginative
  • 9 – Controller
  • 10 – Inventor
  • 11 – Persevering
  • 12 – Creative
  • 13 – Calculator
  • 14 – Emotional
  • 15 – Accurate
  • 16 – Abstract meaning
  • 17 – Mathematician
  • 18 – Intuitive
  • 19 – Foresight
  • 20 – Musician


—I’ve already done it. And now what?

—Add even numbers result.

—It is done. I guess you mean you add the result up the even numbers that are to the left of each word, right?

—Add Odd numbers result.

—It is done.

—Graphic brand.


—Pairs = represents the right cerebral hemisphere (RCH) → Mark it in D

—Odd = represents the left cerebral hemisphere (LCH) → Mark it in the I



—What the fuck, guy! You see! the right cerebral hemisphere I do not use it! Although lately I think that the left one I have it on vacation.

—We follow lesson.

—Hey, is this test reliable?

—More – less, there is margin error like all test.

—Wip hey, how can I wake up my right cerebral hemisphere? And since I put on, I would also have to tune up the left cerebral hemisphere.

—Follow methodology.

—Folk,  he says, because you are so smart —he tried to bring it to him— Could you teach me some quick trick —Edu began to dream, the truth is that he did not take much to be carried away by the imagination —You imagine that touching the book, the lessons will penetrate in my brain, and stay recorded forever, and


—Uf! Is it that the Trakarians do not dream awake?

—We follow lesson. According to studies carried out by Roger Sperry and his team on



Rational Intuitive
Recall (past) Imagination (future)
Detail Holistic
Wait-black color
Step-step relationship
Language Images
Numeric Relates
Motor right Motor left
Content Contest
Mathematical Music
Convergent (tree) Divergent (forest)
Temporal timeless Successive at a time (globalization)
Science Art
Name recall Face recognition
Closed Open
Components Objects
Literal meaning Abstract meaning
Understanding (Ah!)  
Read maps  


—You mean that each cerebral hemisphere is characterized by those properties.

—Yes it is.

 —What do you mean by successive?

—1 à 2 à 3 etc.

—Ah! and convergent?

—Search dictionary.

—I know what it means, but I do not know what it means in this context – Edu said with a tinkle.

—Convergent = tree. Divergent = forest

—Ah! that is, that those who have a predominance of (RCH) see the forest, but do not see the tree, he, like Vangot ! And those who are from (LCH) see the tree, but not the forest.

—Earthlings interesting species!

—Why do you say that? —he asked annoyed.

—You have treasure, do not use. What a pity!

—Hey smarty, I do not mess with you, nor with the trakarianos. If we do not use all the brain, it is because they have put it on us and they have not given us the instruction book like you, and besides  —Edu was so angry, that he wrote a whole epistle of reply.

—I’m sorry to hurt your feelings.

—Also, with the smartness that you say you are, I do not know how you speak my language so badly, without using articles, nor prepositions, nor union ties, nor…

—I know your language.

—Then, why do you write so badly?

—Economics language.

—Well guy, you look like a robot, what does language economy mean? Do not tell me you have to save up to talk?

—Economy language = saves time, energy, only uses keywords = > understanding.

—Oh! Folk seen like that, the truth is that there are many books out there that explain things with an impressive roll, what you could say in 2 sheets, they count it in 20, they have a lot of straw, and they also repeat themselves as the onion. And at the time of studying they make me lose a lot of time, I end up being bored, I deconcentrate and I hang the books.

—Perfect, you have captured —Wip released impatient.

—Hey, will you help me get the grain out of the straw quickly?

—Yes it’s late you need to sleep, your neurons replenish strength.

—Ok, see you tomorrow – Edu yawned, stretched and without even turning off the light, went to bed.

Failing grade of Edu

He got up late, he went with his friends, although he was thoughtful, he wanted to tell the rock that he was chatting with a trakarian, but he felt insecure, and if it was only a dream? But it had to be real, because he lived it so intensely that …

He went home and tried to study, but he did not concentrate, the exam was on Monday and he had not given a stick to the water, besides the agenda was dense and the economy of the language as Wip said, it shone by his absence.

—Ugh, what a roll!

That night he did not leave despite the insistence of friends, he set the alarm at 1:55 A.M. 

—Wip, are you there?

No one answered.


No one answered.

After an hour of insistence without getting an answer he left, and confused he went to bed, tried to sleep, but could not.

—Will it be a dream?   Ugh, what a mess! —he tried again.

—Wip, answers —But there was no answer.

The next day he tried to study, but the concentration had it “in off”. On Monday she came to the exam biting her nails, and evidently…

—Honey, how did the test go? —his mother asked him, but only by seeing his face did he know the answer.

—Awful! —he answered as dry as he could.

—Well, if this time I’ve seen you study more than ever.

—Yes, but things are getting hard —answered with bitterness.

His mother, looked at him with affection, knew he could perform much more, had told him so many times and in such different ways, that at that moment he just hugged him, felt his sadness, and did not ask.

The days passed, and always at bedtime he left the computer on in case Wip happened to connect. And one night.

Click Click Click

Edu woke up, was running to the computer and…



—Can you know why you’ve been so long without connecting? I have tried it in all possible ways, with all the search engines of the market and, nothing. Where were you? And I’ve also suspended the anatomy exam. I trusted you, and

—Stop! Too many characters.

1º.- I could not connect

2º.- You had to suspend

3º.- Not you

—What grace I had to fail! —this time Edu interrupted Wip— If you had explained the techniques of concentration, quick reading, take the grain out of the straw, the mental maps those, at least I would have taken a five, minimum —he wrote it in a roll and if he had said it, he would have run out of breath.

Edu did not give Wip time to answer.

—Yes guy, but I’m playing the scholarship and I feel that luck abandons me. My parents have told me that they will not give me more opportunities, and I’m going to have to go to work as a waiter or I someone know.

—Stop! we follow lesson.

—Man, but how dry you are!

—Do you know if you’re smart?

—Folk, the psychologist told me that I had a fairly high IQ, but since I’m lazy, I do not take advantage of my intelligence.

—Do you know how many types of intelligence exist?

—Then you’re smart or, are you smart?

—Observe this scheme.





—There are several types of intelligence, you can develop + work all of them.

—That is, the intelligent being supposed to have developed all those types of intelligence?


—Ah! but as you can understand now, the spatial intelligence or the musical or the verbal, I do not give a fuck and…

—The more you develop all your brain capacity the smarter you will be.

—But now I’m only interested in passing the exams, do not you understand?

—I know, but you have to follow methodology.


—We follow lesson —He hastened to write Wip— Make a test → Your study relationship.

—What is that? A test to know my relationship with the studio? Wat happens, that in Trakolandia you test for everything?.

—If you do not know where you are, you do not reach the goal. Take a test.

—Ok, let’s see what it’s about, and I’ll just answer it for myself.

—All yours. Be sincere and answer why.



1º.- Do you like studing?

2º.- Do you enjoy learning?

3º.- Do you get bored studying?

4º.- Do you concentrate?

5º.- Do you understand lesson?

6º.- Do you think it is useful to study?

7º.- Do you like to read?

8º.- Are you organized?

9º.- Are you constant studying?

10.- Do you write?

11º.- Do you draw?

12º.- Do you like music?

13º.- Do you know how to speak public?

14º.- Do you like to dance?

15º.- Do you participate class?

16º.- Why do you study?

17º.- title = what is it for?

18º.- Do you study your taste?

19º.- What is your goal?

20º.- Are you sure you get a goal?


—Uff! But what bad you write, half of the questions I have to guess.

—Do you understand me?

—Yes folk, but…


He finished in a few minutes and evidently with reply included.

—It is done! What now? This test will allow me to become aware of what I like, what I do not. And I say, why do I have to know how to draw, dance, or music and other bullshit you ask?

—The more skills you practice, the smarter you will be up.

—Ah! Well companion, I can assure you that now. I do not have time to go to dance classes or drawing, I have enough with the exam on Thursday that is a blast and I am also a denial for dance and…

—That we will see.

—Already! —Edu replied, defending his point of view stubbornly.

—It is important initial test, you will repeat the final methodology.

—Again? —He snorted.