—Well, I didn’t know that you had to ask for a “study appointment”, how romantic! Ha-ha-ha —Edu pulled out his sarcastic side and laughed until Wip cut him off, as usual.

1st.- ROOM STUDY :

—Do you have a webcam?


—Give me a sweep of your study room.

—This, just as my imaging system is more outdated than yours, and may be its does not capture …

—Make a sweep

—Uf! it’s a bit of a disaster!


—Ok —he resigned.

Despite himself, Edu made a pass with the webcam throughout the room, especially his study table and …

—You need changes

—What do you mean? That you know, that each one has a concept of order

—You need changes. Everything has its place

—I’m tired of everyone telling me I’m a disaster! I like to have the room like that, and I don’t have to change, and as much as you tell me, I’m not going to …

—Edu orders study table

—Uhhh! —grumble

—You need clear, clean, tidy space

—Uhhh! —continued with the special tone of voice

Although he had trouble recognizing that the room was a mess, he started to sort it out and filled three garbage bags with everything imaginable he had swarming around. He looked around and realized that his room was huge!

—Hey, guy! What do you tell me now? Hey?

—Your room = your energy center

—What? —Edu did not get

—Your room = your sanctuary, your energy center, rest → pamper

—Well, I didn’t imagine that it was so important, the truth is that I spend a lot of time here, and …

—Room temperature → NOT cold, NOT hot

—So warm —Edu purred, and evidently Wip passed


—You too! —he complained. It rang at one thousand and one time his mother asked him to open the window saying: it smells like a tiger!

—Open window → Fresh air and oxygen enters

—Well, if so

3rd.- CHAIR

—Well, I only use the chair when I’m in front of the computer. To study, I do it in bed, on the floor, in …

—It is important “body posture”

—Yes, I have already been told that I have a little scoliosis, but I can’t stand sitting, stiff as a stick, without moving, the chair pricks me and everything bothers me.

—Body posture → Sitting, NOT vertical. YES = 10º tilted back

—Ah! —The position began to be imagined— But how complicated you are, if I can’t stand being straight, which is what I’ve always been told me, I’m going to start measuring angles now. Now that I think, the other day in the newspaper came an article that talked about it, said that when working with the computer we should lean back a little, they advised studying with the book or the notes placed on a reading desk, so as not to bend both back

—Do you have an ergonomic chair?

—I don’t know, I guess, my parents bought it for me with the whole room in a custom furniture store.

—Important to take care of your back. Ask the physiotherapist

—The truth is that, when I’ve been chatting for a while, my back hurts. I will tell my mother

4th.- LIGHT

—I know that I have to study if possible with natural light, and that if you are right-handed, the light must enter from the left side and if you are left-handed backwards.

—If artificial = not direct

—How not direct? Oh yeah! Lamps that focus on the ceiling and do not directly focus the book, as some pages are satin and reflect the light.

—Affirmative, yes

—You can know why you always answer me with “affirmative, yes”, with an ok or yes, it is enough, so much that you talk about economy of language.


5th.- OUT OF ACCESSORIES = everything has its place


—Out of everything that distracts you

—Ah! Do you mean mobile, PlayStation, video games, chat…


—Guy, I can suppress a lot or things, but the cell phone?

—Out of all distractions! Concrete time calls

—What if Cristina calls me?

—Do you believe?

—I know she doesn’t pay attention to me, you don’t need to remind me, but …

—We follow lesson

—Jo! I’ll turn off my cell phone —he resigned



—Lemon and Rosemary essential oil = > Concentration

—My mother does it sometimes, in a humidifier


 7º.- CLOCK


—You must study 50 minutes / 10 minutes rest

—You mean, in one hour of study = I must study 50 minutes and rest 10. I don’t know what to tell you, because sometimes I start concentrating on the 45th minute, that is, when I leave it at the 50th minute, I think I’m going to study less than until now

—You will learn concentration

—Well, ginger up, this is what interests me most

—Neurons need to rest, assimilate and order what they have learned

—Ah! —and this time, he said it with his mouth open— You mean, after 50 minutes of intense study, the neurons need to rest, and in that rest time, they assimilate what they have learned and order it, yes?




—I know guy, but then I don’t even fulfill one of the organizations that I do, which is why I’m going to waste time organizing

—If you don’t organize, you won’t know how long to use each lesson.

—Okay, but then I have to reorganize again, because it always costs me more time than I programmed

—Objective organization = each topic its time

—Yes, but when you have the exams on them, you have the time you have, and …

—Organization = study all year

—Then what is the use of teaching me the wonderful techniques that you say you have the Trakarians, if I have to spend my life studying?

—When you learn techniques = you will enjoy studying

—You mean?  —asked incredulously, but without wanting to give more explanations about it— Well, we continue


—Which material?

—Colors, recycled paper, rubber, reading desck, etc.

—Why do I have to use recycled paper?

—It is matte, does not reflect light = eyes rest

—Ah! and do not forget, that in this way the felling of trees will be reduced, that at this step we will be left without the lung of the earth.



Yes, so back correct position

—And the colored pencils?

—RCH = Work in color

—That is, what you said before in the characteristics of both cerebral hemispheres, that the left is expressed in black and white, and the right cerebral hemisphere (RCH) in color

—Ok, award same color

—You mean that, if I decide to use red to write or underline the main idea, I always use it with that color. And to secondary ideas I assign blue, to tertiary green, in short. I always get used to using the same hierarchy of colors right?

—That way you will associate the color, to the order of importance

—And do you use the phosphorite colors?

—We different. Use them, underlining or highlighting keyword.  In computer also underlines

—That’s what I do

—Ok, did you understand

—And the chips?

—Data = Mind Maps = Review

—Ah! that is, that the review cards will help me to make the diagrams with the mind maps, I want to know what those happy maps are, because you always talk to me about them, and you never explain them to me

—Everything will come

—Hey, and you also use paper like us? —it started again with the third grade interrogation

—We different

—Oh yeah! And how is it?

—We follow lesson = To Do List

—You are a specialist in cutting me dry when you do not want to give me information, that you know that it would be interesting if we made a cultural exchange, and also very enriching and …

—Questions too much


Edu was irritated by the amount that Wip continually interrupted, but he was like that, practical, sharp, straightforward and with keywords. So he accepted he, or accepted he. He had no choice, so he decided to adapt, what a remedy!

—I know that it is advisable to organize with the pending things, but…

—Make homework list. Cross out the finished ones. Your brain is tidy, if you finish homework = more energy

—You mean when I finish a task, do I have more energy to start a new one?


—And what happens when I leave things half or badly finished?

—Your brain is hammered

—That’s true, and every time I see it, it rattles me telling me: “finish me” —he said in a melodramatic voice

—Human, interesting species!

—Why do you say that?

—We follow lesson


—Is there a special diet for neurons?

—Yes, very rich planet Earth, Take care of it!

—Yes, luckily we young people are becoming aware, because if we continue to use our land’s resources so badly, it will become a desert, and …

Pity! We continue

—Hey, is it that in Trakolandia, you don’t have a normal or moderately interesting conversation?

—We do not have time

—Ok, we continue lesson

—Mediterranean diet = GOOD!


—I already knew it, it is nutritious, healthy and delicious, although the vegetable and the legumes, I don’t like them too much, but in the faculty they have told us that…


—There is freedom of expression! —you have me oppressed, you won’t let me talk, and for one thing I can say, you won’t let me …

—We continue

1st – Regulated Meals:

—I know, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you don’t have to eat between meals, because it takes away your hunger —he started talking only— I don’t know who invented that nonsense, because I’m hungry at all hours and …

If nerves take you hungry = Distribute total food in 5 meals

—Do not suffer for that, it is not my case, we continue

—Okay. Tik, tik, tik

—What’s wrong?

—Laughing is healthy =  “You take my style”

—What remedy!

2nd- BREAKFAST = Important Meal

—Because in the morning it is when we most need to ingest calories, since that is when we do more activity. As my teacher told us, studies have been done with schoolchildren who make a good breakfast, and it has been observed that stress decreased and increased performance with the study. Its has breakfast with time, and sitting at the table.

—You have studied!

—Edu ignored, as if mimicking and continued with the subject— Breakfast must consist of: cereals + fruit + milk


—Did you like it?


—Yes, every day we have to feed ourselves with: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, water and

—PROTEINS = MINIMUM 0.75 gr / kg / day

—And how much is it? —he pulled out the calculator, and was stunned!— You mean, me who weighed 70 kilos, only 52.50 gr / day of a steak? Guy, that stays in the hole the tooth!

—It is a minimum quantity

—Well, I’ll take it as a suggestion —Edu commented, not very convinced.

—Proteins are in

—Fish, eggs (the clear one that has albumin, and the yolk has lipids, selenium, phosphorus, iron and zinc), milk, seafood and now soybeans, beer yeast, wheat germ, legumes are becoming fashionable

—Fish = Proteins + Omega 3 + Vitamins D, K, B

—I already know it

—Lecithin Soy = Phospholipids

—And phospholipids are very important for the neuron membrane.

—Leave Beer = Thiamine, Calcium, Vitamins B, B12, Zinc, Chrome

—I read in an article, which was very important for memory and concentration —he dropped it.

—You are informed!

—Guy! Is that one is …

—Germen Wheat = Protein, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin E, Omega-6

—So, every day I will have to put these things in the salad or in the morning cereals, do you hear, and they taste good?

—I don’t know, they don’t exist on my planet.

—And what do you eat there?

—Is different

—Don’t tell me you eat with pills?”

—Enjoy earthly wealth, my planet is dead, we survive thanks intelligence.

—Hey, it’s happening to me … why don’t you pay me a visit, and …

—Impossible, we continue lesson

—I could also go to your …


—Okay, we continue lesson! —Edu grumbled.

—Greases = Essential for neurons

—Oh, sure! The wall of neurons, and all cells, is made up of lipids, that is, fat. I will tell group girls, who are in the habit of not eating or drop of fat to not get fat

—Attention fat, guy!

—It is true!

—Good fat = Olive oil

—Yes, the other day they told us in class that they have unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E

—Omega-3 Y Omega-6 = Blue fish

—Don’t tell me I have to eat sardines? I do not like! It has a taste of…

—Your planet = many fish! DO NOT spoil it!

—That’s true, tuna, all dark-skinned fish and bluish skin, isn’t it? Think it is so



Docosahexaenoic acid

—Ah! no idea!

—It is polyunsaturated Ω-3

—And what’s so special about this omega-3?

—22 Carbon + 6 Double links


—Membrane neurons are incorporated


Allows proper connection between neurotransmitters and receptors

—Ah! And this favors optimal communication between neurons, right?

—You should eat raw blue fish

—No way! —Edu began to imagine the taste of raw fish, and his stomach churned— That is, in order to get the maximum amount of DHA, he would have to eat the blue fish raw? do not?

—But you invented pearls

—Uf, what a rest! Ok, I’ll tell my mother to buy them for me

—Dried fruits = almonds, hazelnuts, nuts =  Phospholipids

—This is fine, I will tell my mother to prepare nuts for me in the middle of the morning, that I am very hungry

—Attention amount! = many calories

—I can still afford it, my mother tells me I’m in the bones, Is there a special diet for neurons?

—Yes, very rich planet Earth, Take care of it!

—Yes, luckily we young people are becoming aware, because if we continue to use our land’s resources so badly, it will become a desert, and …

—Pity! We continue

—Hey, is it that in Trakolandia, you don’t have a normal or moderately interesting conversation?”

—We do not have time

—Ok, we continue lesson

It began to dawn and Edu was so engrossed that he did not notice the time, suddenly the screen went blank and …

—Wip? Wip? Wip?

Nobody answered

—Again, I lost the connection!

He went to bed and after a while the alarm rang

—Ugh, I’m tired! I can not with my soul!

He thought about Wip again, and returned to the computer, began to stir between the papers to see if he had something written, a note or… but nothing. Of course, he looked around the room and saw it clean, tidy and everything placed in place

—Edu honey, I’ve already prepared breakfast for you, are you down?

—Mom, do we have nuts, hazelnuts or almonds?

—Yes, there will be something there, why?

—It is that a friend has told me that they are very good for the students, because they have a lot of magnesium, which goes very well for the repolarization of the neuron membrane, and relaxes a lot. In addition, those Things that you buy from wheat germ, soybeans and brewer’s yeast are also very good for neurons, put a little on cereals, please

—Well, your mother tells you, and you don’t pay any attention to it. Your friend tells you, and as you trust those outside more than your mother —she said resigned, because he never listened to her

—A kiss, don’t make me food, that I have the full day with practices in the afternoon today. And don’t call me on mobile, you know I’m fine

—Come on, come here I put the jacket on you, that you wear it —and incidentally, she gave him a gimmick.

Edu came home with dust from being here all day and there. He had dinner —got into the bed, and before taking off his socks he fell asleep. At 2 A.M.

Click Click Click

—Hi! You’re late

—Hi! —Edu stretched, was tired and barely reacted, kept yawning, leaned his head on his left hand

—We follow lesson


—Wait, this time I’m going to take notes —he said suddenly

—We do not have time

—Yes, but then in the morning I don’t know if you’re real or a dream, and all day long I’m going around the coconut

—Hurry up!

—I’m already there, carbohydrates

—They are a source of energy + some (Wheat, rice, oats,) stimulate neurotransmitter → Serotonin

—And, in addition, cells need them to carry out their metabolic processes and neurons consume a large amount of glucose, don’t they?

—Ok, attention!

—Yes, because the carbohydrates that cells do not consume, are transformed into fats by a biochemical reaction, and stored in “the michelines”

—What are “the michelines”?

—Zone of the body where fat is stored. Guy, I don’t know how to explain it to you better, if you don’t know how we are earthlings, I can’t tell you

—Yes, I know how you are, we see you

—How? With a giant telescope? And how is it, you must have huge lenses?

—Different technique. We continue lesson

—Guy, for once you tell me something interesting!

—Vegetables and Fruits = have vitamins

—And they have minerals such as calcium, sodium (indispensable for the sodium-potassium pump) phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium (indispensable in the construction of tissues)

—I’m surprised!

—It’s that Monday I have the biochemistry exam

—Fruit = ↑ Vitamins, ↑ Fiber, ↑ Minerals

—Yes, because vitamins are not synthesized by our body. They are essential, since they are catalysts for many enzymatic reactions, they are cellular protectors and strengthen the immune system

—Careful handling fruit!

—Aha! You have learned the lesson! —Edu scolded— Beware of temperature, light, humidity, air, etc. that can denature the vitamins of the fruit

—Yes. Water

—That you know that the adult earthlings are 70% of water, and you are also composed of water, carbon, minerals?

—We different. Planet Trak NO water

—What a pity! because it is very good! Especially when you’re very thirsty, after having played a game of

—Full Diet

—Okay, I stop rolling up!

1st dish = vegetable or pasta or rice or legumes

2nd dish = meat or fish + salad

3rd dish = fresh fruit


—And don’t eat between meals. —he stopped suddenly and objected— And I say is that scientists have never been my age, and they don’t know that I’m hungry at all hours?

—DO NOT eat excess sweets

—And the things like the snacks and the rest of the “fried foods” that they sell out there, that only carry undesirable fats, and probably the oil has denatured. And vegetable fats, if not specified on the bag label, attention! Because they carry a lot of cholesterol

—I’m surprised!

—What did you think?

—NO Postpandrial Study

—Okay, so after eating I don’t study, because, as my grandmother says, the blood goes down to the stomach, to digest and that’s why we go into sleepiness. the NAP! How delicious!

Your grandmother, wise woman!


—Okay, but I don’t find the “what” to physical exercise

—Exercise = Relaxation = ↑ Brain waves (alpha-theta) = ⇑Endorphins, ⇑ Muscle toning, ⇓ Stress, ⇑ Burn calories, improve blood circulation

—Okay, but I don’t find the “what” to physical exercise

—And aerobic exercise says it’s fast walking, running, swimming, rowing, cycling —he stopped a few seconds as if he wanted to take advantage of the issue— I think this bike can be interesting, because Cristina on Saturdays makes a bike, that is, it could be a good excuse for …

—You still haven’t said you like her?

—he shifted uncomfortably in his chair— It’s complicated, well let’s leave it for another time —and obviously he changed the subject—. We continue lesson

13º.- SLEEP

—Tell it to me, I have a lot of late hours of sleep, which is too much, and then I go to class and as the teacher rolls up, I stay rubbing

—Normally = Sleep 7 or 8 Hours = Neurons + your body rests

—I’m very sleepy, and when I go partying —he was thoughtful and recognized—, sometimes it is more frequent than normal, then I am dusty, my body does not pull, and my neurons, I do not even tell you

—You have to value. There go partying moments / and others

—But it is that the friends

—What is your goal? What do you want to get now?

—If I have it clear, but it is that…

—It’s up to you!