It started dawn, but Edu was so engrossed with the conversation that he didn´t know, then…  

—Edu? Honey, wake up, it’s eight o’clock, make sure you’re late for class —his mother said as she shook him.

—What happened?

—That you fell asleep in front of the computer. To know who you chatted with?

—Computer? And Wip? —he asked.


—Nothing mom, nothing, I’m late —and he left quickly.

The day flew between classes, practices, library, friends and so on so. But Edu didn´t stop turning his head, was Wip real or was it just a dream?

At dinner he was quiet, absent, his mother who knew him well, she began to worry.

—Honey, is something wrong?

—Not anything —he came down from the clouds—. Not anything, I’m with the exams, you know, I´ve to study —he excused himself as he could.

—You called Irene, I don´t know what she said that you, they are waiting on the pub at one and

—Ah! No, I will not go out today —Edu interrupted.

—It’s Friday! And you do not forgive Fridays —his mother asked him with a questioning look.

—Yes, but I´ve to study —Edu said annoyed, and went up to his room.

—Wip, are you there? —On the other side, no one answered. 

—I need you to teach me about increasing the synapses, that of the brain’s instruction manual, that of.

There was no answer, he was boring insisting, he got into bed, tried to sleep and there was no way. He Went out to the terrace to breathe fresh air. He looked at the clock, it was 2.05 AM, he ran to the computer and…

—Hello! you´re late!

—That I’ve only been delayed for 5 minutes!

—We follow lesson

—And can you tell me, where were you? I tried to connect with you all afternoon and

—I can only connect now. Because trakarians prohibited earthlings connection


—No questions, we follow lesson.

—Look, there are no secrets between friends and…

—You —me, aren´t they.

—You don´t feel like it —dropped by quietly.

—But you can know “Mr. trakarian” what are you going to teach me? What is the activity schedule? I’m telling you, because I mightn´t be interested in your classes either 







  • Is your habitual study technique profitable?
  • Which brain hemisphere do you use more?
  • How does your brain work?
  • Intelligence types
  • Study quote
  • Study room
  • Organize time
  • How do you feed your neurons?
  • Physical exercise
  • Which is your channel?
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Minor mind
  • Visualize success
  • Concentration:
    • Cerebral waves prepare environment
    • Music
    • Techniques relaxation
    • Signaling pencil
  • Quick reading:
    • What  speed reading?
    • Read in phrases
    • Read in blocks
    • Text upside down
    • Peripheral vision
  • Memory:
    • Repeat
    • Rime
    • Break compound words
    • Association ideas
    • Exaggeration movement word
    • Hook emotion
    • Relation imagination context
    • Tricks numbers
  • Synthesis:
    • Mental map
    • Skeletal diagram
  • Takes notes mixed:
    • Mental map
    • Linear
    • Linear & mental map
  • Review photos
    • Mental map
  • Examinations
    • Study according to the type of examination
  • Secret success

—Ah! It looks interesting —Edu said.

—We follow lesson